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About Abby

Hi, I’m Abby. Shortly after graduating from cosmetology school I was drawn to men's
haircuts. I didn't choose Men's Hair Styling, it chose me. The challenge of taming
cowlicks became a passion of mine and somehow it's just my thing. Helping my
customers look their best is why I come to work. A haircut must be tailored to fit a
person's basic nature, character, physique and personality. And that's what I always
strive to do. That's why I started AbbyCuts and why I wanted to have a shop of my very
own. So that I can give each customer the time and attention required for the best
possible haircut. Now I serve my customers only, and not some franchise's growth
forecast. My singular focus is on quality, never on quantity.

I really love my job. Absolutely the best part is the relationships I've formed with my
regular customers. They make every day fun and interesting. It's so important to me that
everyone always feel welcome, relaxed and comfortable in my chair. Nothing matters
more to me than earning their trust. I want to truly understand my client's personal
preferences in order to get the details just right. That's my goal for every haircut.
I'm not a corporation, I'm a person and I serve people. And I never forget that these
people make it possible for me to earn a living doing what I love to do.

Thank you so much,

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